re-brand or reinvigorate,
you've come to the right place.

If you’ve got a brand or product that needs a winning edge, then our team are standing by to help you take on your competitors and win. We’ve developed strategies for hundreds of business. Everything from multi-nationals to startups. There is a lot that goes into running a successful business, but if you haven’t got your brand or your marketing of the brand right, then you will always struggle. 


The team at Xavier follow a process that will get you the results you’re after.  Before formulating a strategy, we first tap into the consumers’ way of thinking. We look at their buying habits, their likes and dislikes, all the elements that will help us create a strategy that will have real impact. We firmly believe that strong communication is built on consumer insight.


At Xavier, we treat all our campaigns the same way we treat all communication strategies. You need to make the sale for today while building the brand for tomorrow. That means getting the strategy right.  To do that, we show you how to develop a strategy that features all elements of the brand including logo, brand personality, brand voice and brand positioning. It ensures that all your marketing communications build on the brand strategy. We believe that when you get the strategy right first, the results will follow.



Your brand journey starts here
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  • Includes Free Brand Audit
  • Includes Xavier Brand DNA

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