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Carley Aherns




Xavier Advertising were given a tough task to bring the brand to life. Although Hino has been in Australia for over 50 years, the customer insights showed that we needed more than just retail campaigns. We needed to build familiarity and connect with our customers on an emotional level.


The strategy developed considered both the future and present. It strategically allowed for growth and met the brief on what needed to be delivered immediately.


It considered the tight perimeters including budget and timelines. It also saw Hino heading in a new direction and with that, would need senior management support. Xavier became a crucial element in gaining approval of the new direction and formed relationships with senior management in order to gain support.


Over the years, the brand campaigns showed great results through our customer insights. Familiarity and consideration were improving and aftersales is now part of the consideration phase when it comes to customers path to purchase.


Hino are constantly putting Xavier under pressure to deliver campaigns to tight budgets and fast turn arounds and they always deliver. The senior management at Xavier also take the time to know their customers and that’s what aided the brand campaigns being so successful.


When Xavier first came on board as our lead agency in charge of Strategy and Creativity, they took the time to know each department manager and understand the various parts of the business. They also attended/attend all dealership conferences and also built relationships with both dealers and customers.


Xavier are part of the family and are very passionate about the brand and the direction. This is what makes the partnership so great and we enjoy working with Xavier.





Xavier Advertising bring a strong strategic marketing approach to business opportunities and challenges, with strong process, insights, ways of thinking and capability to offer a full marketing service.


They are agile and able to work flexibly and effectively across smaller tactical jobs through to larger more strategic pieces of work. They have can-do attitude driven by senior management who get involved in projects. I would recommend Xavier as a quality marketing agency.  




I have worked with Xavier advertising over the last 15 years across a variety of businesses each one of them varying in requirements and challenges. Xavier understands and dissects complex business problems, objectives and ultimate goals, working with multi-faceted structures and stakeholders, to create a strategic, unified direction which can be adopted throughout the organisation. 


Xavier Advertising have developed brand strategies from a zero base as well adopting strict brand guidelines for such brands as Toyota and Lexus Australia, whilst adopting communication styles, and relevancy tailored to local markets, making Xavier a first-class brand connoisseur.


I have found Xavier Advertising time and time again an agency partner who are equipped with experienced, passionate and creative staff who continually deliver and exceed expectations.




HiKOKI has had a very long association with Xavier Advertising.  They have become an integral business partner who have delivered exceptional results and strong ROI outcomes, which have contributed to our strong growth results in the past 18 months. 


Xavier Advertising apply a very holistic approach to marketing taking into consideration all facets of the marketing mix to deliver a very clear and precise strategy.  Their value is in understanding the customer and deriving strong consumers insights that can be translated into strategic actions. 


One of the key aspects of our successful partnership is a strong desire and willingness of the Xavier team to connect and engage across all areas of the organisation, which allows us to align go to market activations and connect with Retailers and Customers proactively. 


They challenge HiKOKI to be better in strategic thinking and will always deliver well above what is expected.  They are a complete turnkey agency who are committed to delivering outstanding results and taking full ownership in exceeding KPI’s in a very cost-effective manner.


We continue to enjoy a successful partnership as they continue to drive our growth during these challenging times under COVID-19.





Novartis Animal Health Australia and Global have used Xavier’s services on global and local levels. Locally we have used Xavier services from strategy development right through to media buying and tactical implementation. At all times I’ve found Xavier Advertising able to add significant commercial value to our business through innovative, well thought through campaigns that are both targeted and effective.


A personal and professional highlight has been working on a fully integrated lead generation campaign that resulted in double digit sales growth for two consecutive years. A first for this industry segment, the campaign was managed flawlessly by Xavier Advertising from concept development through to implementation.


Whilst the team at Xavier have driven a number of industry first campaigns for our business, it is the service that Xavier Advertising provide that truly set them apart, and is a key reason why after more than 40 years, Novartis Animal Health still considers Xavier Advertising to be a true strategic partner.





Petbarn is a retail chain of over 40 stores Australia wide. Petbarn has been working with Xavier since early 2009. As a company experiencing rapid growth, we need an agency that is able to join us on our journey. Our requirements cover a very broad range and Xavier has been able to meet our needs with every challenge.


From catalogue creative and production, to the development of internal signage, to work on new strategic initiatives e.g. Our new to industry natural section, we have been very pleased with the way that Xavier has understood our business requirements and objectives and delivered the solutions we require.We see the results of this work as a very measurable increase in sales dollars and improved promotional sell through. I would not hesitate in recommending Xavier Advertising to you.




It was refreshing to find an advertising agency with so much expertise and talent, yet so grounded and truly devoted to connecting with us, their client. UnderCoverWear has enjoyed a positive and successful partnership with Xavier Advertising for over 9 years.


With the production of four fashion catalogues every year, UnderCoverWear has a constant requirement to be at the forefront of understanding our customers fashion needs and aspirations with the right pitch and catalogue layout and Xavier Advertising has delivered this every time and won several catalogue awards along the way. In addition to our catalogues, Xavier Advertising has produced many advertising campaigns, both TVC’s and billboards over the years and worked on an endless number of print related projects. Their professional manner of working concurrently with us to determine and reflect on the strategic marketing and business objectives.




In my experience, Xavier Advertising provide fantastic support as an agency partner. One of their major strengths is with regards to strategic thinking, where they have shown an ability to really get to the core of an issue and unearth fantastic insights that then form the basis of effective strategies.


I also highly value the fact that they provide access to senior management – in my experience a lot of agencies make similar claims during the initial phase, only to hand work off to juniors once the work is secured. In contrast, my experience with Xavier is that the senior team that made the initial contact are there for me on a daily basis, working in a very hands-on fashion on my projects, and it’s a level of knowledge and experience that I value being able to draw upon.


Finally, from a cost perspective I have always found them to be extremely competitive, yet at the same time they have proven themselves to be committed to being responsive and available, with a track record of meeting deadlines, and in consistently supplying high quality creative solutions.




Xavier provided invaluable input into the strategic direction of the business. The success of the rebrand was not only due to the creation of quality marketing collateral, but the integration with sales objective and key business initiatives.


As the brand transition affected every touch point of the brand and cost efficiencies were achieved through partnerships Xavier holds with media buyers and longstanding relationships with production agencies. We had to deliver marketing assets in tight time frames that were technical and functional, Xavier provided highly creative content that was constant, on brand and executed excellently.





Xavier Advertising are a team of hardworking business minded professionals who can think strategically  and execute tactically to the highest quality standard.


The Xavier team are highly driven and have a willingness to go the extra mile to deliver results with exceptional, highly creative campaigns. Xavier are an agile team with a very hands-on approach, even from senior managers, which allows us to change strategy as our market changes and transparency from a business partnership point of view.


Xavier add value to our business and demonstrate excellent return on investment thanks to their ability to meet our quality standards, consistently meet deadlines and drive our brands in the market.




I can and will unhesitatingly recommend Xavier Advertising, and the principal Mr Omer Incekara to provide you with a service that will be second to none. His oversight and management of the company, down to the finest detail will serve you well. His staff are competent, caring and concerned at all levels of involvement and guidance, should that be necessary, is firm but gentle and worthwhile.


Two years ago, Xavier Advertising took on the Gallipoli Scholarship, promoting the Scholarship with an enthusiasm and zeal that is hard to keep up with (but we manage). Creative ideas are always discussed, and our opinion and desires taken into account. The staff are helpful, caring and very generous with their time in guiding relative novices through totally foreign concepts.


Our target audience has expanded exponentially each year and the Gallipoli Scholarship is fast becoming a recognisable entity in the target market. Omer provides direction and advice in relation to our marketing strategy and to date has not been proved wrong. Of the applications received so far this year, by far the majority have come to us courtesy of the advertising Xavier have designed and activated.


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