When it comes to content creation, not many agencies have the experience or pedigree that comes with over 50 years in the field. The team at Xavier have produced a huge range of content including Training Videos, Conference Presentations, Explainer Videos, Info Commercials, Vlogs, Behind The Scenes, Logo – Idents and How-To Videos just to name a few.


At Xavier we pride ourselves on our storytelling and our ability to create both rational and emotional connections with the audience. At Xavier we know that all our content must create impact. Even a single product video should have a real presence.


So, whatever video, or film that you require, our content creation team will tackle them all with energy, craft and above all with the creativity and experience you need to achieve a great result.


Just a small sample of our work. Please feel free to contact us on 02 8814 7244 for more.

Corporate Video


Digital Bumper

Community Education

Sponsorship Video

Product Demo

Category Launch

Conference Video

Brand Video

Conference Video

Product Video

Product Comparison

Brand Video

Tech Video

Internal Hype Video

Social Video

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